Nzinga. A Journey

Come along my journey of thoughts - be they poignant or pointless. Where will this lead? I don't know and neither do you.

Permalink Another #Reds game, another #raindelay. #InstaReds #VisitCubaTee #GreatPerson
Permalink Finally set up Granny’s perfume tray. 20 years later the bottles still hold her scent.
Permalink Bruno makes Super Bowl worth watching
Permalink Happy Halloween @mariahcarey #Mimi #lambily #BlingSling
Permalink Niece is packing up for her Junior year of college. I got her this during my Junior year of college when I was interning at Cartoon Network Latin America
Permalink Roger Sandwich #InstaReds @redsbaseball @reds #whiff  (at Great American Ball Park)
Permalink Me & the Good Doctor
Permalink Just…yes!
Permalink Things like this make my job totally worthwhile!