Nzinga. A Journey

Come along my journey of thoughts - be they poignant or pointless. Where will this lead? I don't know and neither do you.

Permalink Finally set up Granny’s perfume tray. 20 years later the bottles still hold her scent.
Permalink Bruno makes Super Bowl worth watching
Permalink Happy Halloween @mariahcarey #Mimi #lambily #BlingSling
Permalink Niece is packing up for her Junior year of college. I got her this during my Junior year of college when I was interning at Cartoon Network Latin America
Permalink Roger Sandwich #InstaReds @redsbaseball @reds #whiff  (at Great American Ball Park)
Permalink Me & the Good Doctor
Permalink Just…yes!
Permalink Things like this make my job totally worthwhile!
Permalink Yaaas, Hunny!